How To Use the Will County Health Department Website

What is the [ I Want To ] button on the Home Page?

Where are the forms?

What Information can I find on diseases?

How do I find programs designed for myself or my teenager?

The “Quickly Locate Programs” function enables immediate access to all programs that relate to a particular need.

How do I find out about programs and services offered by the WCHD?

Go directly to all the programs offered by each division by using the “Programs and Services” feature.

Where do I find the latest news about outbreaks of disease in the county?

The “Latest News” block at the top of the Home page is the place to find the most current information about new outbreaks of disease. This streaming clip is normally the headline of the top article under “Will County Health Department News.”

How do I access the most popular news items posted by the divisions?

The most popular items as determined by the number of site visitors who accessed them are placed under “Most Popular” on the Home page.

What are the experts saying about topics like West Nile Virus or bioterrorism?

All the news articles written by health department staff are indexed by division under Health Department Authors.

How can I see what people are looking for?

The “Popular Terms” box contains the search terms most commonly employed by visitors; the more frequently searched terms are in the largest and boldest text.

What are the most read articles and topics?

The most frequently accessed news articles and programs are shown in this area of the home page.
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