Will County Community Health Center Welcomes Certified Addiction Counselor

Will County Community Health Center Welcomes Certified Addiction Counselor

A Change at Age 50 Leads to a Counseling Career

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Dr. William Udrow looks back on a life changing decision he made at age 50.  A Chicago native, he had been a “jack of all trades for many years.”  He worked in carpentry, automotive and mechanical work, yard work, and also delivered pizzas for ten years. 

But Dr. Udrow was motivated to become a clinical psychologist specializing in addictions counseling because of some things he had experienced in his own family.  At 50, he began pursuing an Associates Degree from Harold Washington College.  He later graduated number one in his class with a Bachelor’s Degree from Northeastern Illinois University. 

While his career began at the not-for-profit Haymarket Center in the Westgate Loop area, Dr. Udrow soon realized that “the better education I had, the better I could serve my clients.” Masters and Doctorate degrees soon followed at The Adler University, located along Wacker Street in The Loop.

The 69-year-old Udrow now joins the Will County Community Health Center after eight years across the parking lot in the Health Department’s Behavioral Health Division.  He is certified by the State of Illinois as an Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professional; focusing especially on compulsive gambling, substance abuse, and mental illness.

Dr. Udrow’s hope is that he will be an important part of the Will County Community Health Center for many years.  The Community Health Center is located at 1106 Neal Avenue in Joliet, at the south end of the Will County Health Department parking lot.  Dr. Udrow summarized the Will County Community Health Center’s mission for treating the whole person.  “We have one-stop care that people need right here.  Everything from dental, medical, behavioral, and psychiatric issues, along with pre-natal care.”

Dr. Udrow is also a 1966 graduate of Maine South High School.  During his first two years of high school, he attended Maine East; along with a future presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.


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