Testing Water for Coliforms

Screening for Total Coliform and E. coli as an Indicator of Water Safety

Author: Environmental Health Staff/Friday, December 28, 2012/Categories: Test my Well Water, Environmental Laboratory Services

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Why should my water be tested for Coliforms and E.coli? Most Coliforms are not harmful but serve as indicators of the general microbial quality of water. If Coliforms are found in drinking water, their presence usually indicates that some kinds of contaminants are entering the supply. E.coli is the most common form of fecal coliform. If it is detected during testing, its presence should be taken very seriously because it can be pathogenic. Finding the source of the contamination and correcting it is very important.

Wells should be routinely tested once a year. Such testing should be carried out during the spring or summer after a rainy period. Testing should also be conducted after repairing or replacing an old well, pump or pipes or after the installation of a new well or pump.

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