Quit Smoking Resources for Will County Healthcare Providers

Referral to quit smoking services

Telephone Quitlines have been shown to be effective in providing wide access to evidence-based cessation counseling.  Healthcare providers and systems can take advantage of the availability of Quitline services by implementing a system that regularly refers patients to the Quitline through electronic or fax referrals.

IL Tobacco Quitline a Quit Smoking Resources for Worksites

Worksite Wellness

Free quit smoking programs are available to worksites that want to assist employees in adopting a healthier lifestyle.  Read more to find out how the Illinois Tobacco Quitline and the Freedom From Smoking program can help your employees to quit smoking for good.

Tobacco Control Advocacy Information

Educational Resources and Websites

These resources and websites are recommended if you want to learn more about the dangers of smoking and the tobacco use.

The Big Benefits of Quitting

It's Not Too Late to Quit!

20 Minutes after quitting
Your blood pressure and pulse rate drop.

2 Hours after quitting
Nicotine begins to leave your system. Some people may feel withdrawal pangs. This is a good sign. Your body is cleaning itself out. Don't give up. Within two days all the nicotine byproducts will be gone.

Coalition Toward A Tobacco-Free Will County

Works to Provide a Tobacco-Free Future for all Will County Citizens

The mission of the Coalition Toward a Tobacco-Free Will County is to educate the public about the impact of tobacco use and advocate for policies that reduce and prevent tobacco use in order to improve the quality of life for all.
Tobacco Control and Prevention

Tobacco Control and Prevention

The Tobacco Control & Prevention (TC&P) program offers a variety of programs and services to decrease tobacco use rates keep youth tobacco-free and eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke.
Programs & Services