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Author: Behavioral Health Staff/Friday, August 23, 2013/Categories: Individual Care Grant

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The following is a list of eligibility requirements:
  • Parent/guardian must be a resident of the State of Illinois
  • The child must have a severe mental illness. ( A severe mental illness is defined as a mental or emotional disorder which substantially impairs thought, perception of reality, emotional process, judgment, behavior or ability to cope with the ordinary demands of several life domains. )    
  • Symptoms must include severely impaired reality testing and may include:
    • hallucinations, delusions, avoidance of or withdrawal from human contact, 
    • marked affective instability, apathy, bizarre behavior
    • deficient or unusual forms of communication, agitation and/or danger to self or others.
    • The course of the illness should indicate that the symptoms do not represent an acute episode from which rapid and substantial remission is likely.
  • There has been an appropriate trial of inpatient, outpatient and/or community based treatment efforts, and subsequently residential services are required.
  • The child must not be under the guardianship of a STATE agency or in the legal custody of a State agency. 
  • The child must be enrolled in an approved educational program at the elementary/high school level. 
  • A completed application package must be submitted before the child attains the age of 17 years and 6 months. 

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