Adult Detention Facility Data Link Program

Adult Detention Facility Data Link Program

Online Database contains the Most Current Offender Status

Funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services/Department of Mental Health (DHS/DMH) the Data Link program provides a secure, HIPAA compliant, online database that is accessible to the Will County Adult Detention Facility (ADF) and community behavioral health service provider (CBHSP) staff of participating agencies. Lists of detainees in participating detention centers are cross-matched daily against a database of individuals who have previously received a behavioral health service from a DHS/DMH funded CBHSP. Case managers from participating CBHSPs receive notification of affirmative matches. The database is then used as a vehicle for detention center and CBHSP staff to exchange the most current information available as to status of the offender. Under provisions of the Confidentiality Act, any information may be exchanged if it is to be used for purposes of admission, treatment, discharge and aftercare planning. Case managers meet with detainees to solicit their participation. Detainees who provide consent are assisted with discharge/aftercare planning and linkage prior to their release. The identification of detainees, discharge/aftercare planning and linkage, assists detainees in making a more successful transition back to the community and has been demonstrated to reduce detention recidivism.
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