Tobacco Control and Prevention

Tobacco Control and Prevention

Programs and Services to Decrease Tobacco Use



The Tobacco Control & Prevention (TC&P) program offers a variety of programs and services to decrease tobacco use rates, to keep youth tobacco-free and to eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke. All programs are open to the Will County community including schools, corporations, and the public.  We offer technical assistance and support with the development of  tobacco retailer licensing ordinances, tobacco-free parks, worksites, college campus, and housing policies. 

Contact: Cindy Jackson, Program Manager

Phone:  815-727-8824


Tobacco Control Advocacy Information

Educational Resources and Websites

These resources and websites are recommended if you want to learn more about the dangers of smoking and the tobacco use.

The Big Benefits of Quitting

It's Not Too Late to Quit!

20 Minutes after quitting
Your blood pressure and pulse rate drop.

2 Hours after quitting
Nicotine begins to leave your system. Some people may feel withdrawal pangs. This is a good sign. Your body is cleaning itself out. Don't give up. Within two days all the nicotine byproducts will be gone.
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