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Adult Detention Facility Data Link Program

Adult Detention Facility Data Link Program

Online Database contains the Most Current Offender Status

Funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services/Department of Mental Health (DHS/DMH) the Data Link program provides a secure, HIPAA compliant, online database that is accessible to the Will County Adult Detention Facility (ADF) and community behavioral health service provider (CBHSP) staff of participating agencies. Lists of detainees in participating detention centers are cross-matched daily against a database of individuals who have previously received a behavioral health service from a DHS/DMH funded CBHSP. Case managers from participating CBHSPs receive notification of affirmative matches. The database is then used as a vehicle for detention center and CBHSP staff to exchange the most current information available as to status of the offender. Under provisions of the Confidentiality Act, any information may be exchanged if it is to be used for purposes of admission, treatment, discharge and aftercare planning. Case managers meet with detainees to solicit their participation. Detainees who provide consent are assisted with discharge/aftercare planning and linkage prior to their release. The identification of detainees, discharge/aftercare planning and linkage, assists detainees in making a more successful transition back to the community and has been demonstrated to reduce detention recidivism.
Projects for the Transition from Homelessness (PATH)

Projects for the Transition from Homelessness (PATH)

Serving Adults Who May be Homeless

The PATH Program serves those adults who may be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and whom have a severe mental illness or who may have a severe mental illness and a co-occurring substance abuse disorder. The PATH Program is funded through federal and local match funding dollars and is one of over a dozen PATH Programs in the State of Illinois. PATH Programs are coordinated by the Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health, State-wide PATH Coordinator. The Will County Health Department, Behavioral Health PATH Program began in 1989 and is one of the originally funded PATH Programs in Illinois. The primary focus of the PATH Program shall be serving the Joliet area.

The primary source of referrals for the PATH Program come from Catholic Charities Daybreak Shelter, Morningstar Mission, and inpatient facilities. The Program has an excellent referral process for homeless providers to make referrals to PATH staff.

The PATH program is involved with committee and community activities of the Will County Continuum of Care. The Program incorporates the following values and principles:
  1. Services provided are client-focused and community based;
  2. Services provided aim to; empower clients, and be provided in a manner that is ethnically and culturally  appropriate;
  3. Services will be provided on and off-site;
  4. Services build upon the client's strengths and seek to assist the client in functioning in the community to the fullest extent possible;
  5. Provide services that are accountable and coordinated with community care providers, with emphasis on continuity and consistency levels of care;
  6. Shall protect the client's rights and assist the client in advocating for his/her rights;
  7. Services provided shall be in accordance with current clinical knowledge accepted.

Services Provided

List of Services in the PATH Program

Utilizing a clinical case management type model, the PATH Program provides services that are client-focused, individualized, short to long term in duration and of moderate to long term in intensity, for adult who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and seriously mentally ill or seriously mentally ill with a co-occurring substance abuse problem.

Eligibility Criteria for the PATH Progarm

Who is Eligible

Adult residents of Will County, age 18 and older, who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, who have a serious mental illness and/or a serious mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse problem. Eligibility criteria for PATH funded follow the federal PATH guidelines for defining what diagnoses qualify as being a serious mental illness. Lack of funding is not a barrier to receiving PATH-funded services.

Admission into the PATH Program

Getting Admitted into the PATH Program

Contact Central Intake at 815-727-8521( 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday - Friday ) An Admissions staff member will process your request for services, review your eligibility for service, and if you meet our admission criteria, schedule an appointment with an PATH Program counselor for an initial Mental Health Assessment.
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Serving the Will County area in two separate locations the Child and Adolescent Outpatient Psychiatric Services provide community-based mental health outpatient services through a staff of two Board Certified psychiatrists
Screening, Assessment, and Support Services Program (SASS)

Screening, Assessment, and Support Services Program (SASS)

The Children’s Mental Health Act of 2003, Illinois Public Act 93-0495, represents a significant opportunity for Illinois to promote the well being of children
Youth Experiencing Success in School (Y.E.S.S.)

Youth Experiencing Success in School (Y.E.S.S.)

YESS empowers students to succeed in school and life by helping them address the life issues that can significantly diminish their educational progress and dramatically increase the chances they will drop out of high school.
Youth Community Support Services

Youth Community Support Services

The Will county Health Department Community Support (Respite) Program provides support services to children and adolescents living within Will County
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