Action Cycle

Developing and Implementing an Action Plan

The Action Cycle is the last of MAPP’s 6 phases.  During this phase, the local public health system develops and implements an action plan for addressing the previously identified priority goals and objectives. Three interlocking activities occur during the action phase: planning what needs to be done to achieve the county’s goals for public health, creating an organizational structure that can carry out the plan and putting in place a way of evaluating progress on a continuous basis.

The Four MAPP Action Teams

The Four MAPP Action Teams

Access to Care, Awareness of Services,Chronic Care and Systems

The four action teams have taken shape around: access to care, awareness of services, prevention and management of chronic care issues and systems collaborations and linkages. The work of the four action teams is supplemented and informed by a Data and Evaluation team which collaborates with the Epidemiology and Communicable Disease data experts at the Will County Health Department to identify disease trends affecting the health of county residents and ensure data-driven policy decisions. 

MAPP Process Poster

Visual Diagram of the Six Phases of the MAPP Process

The six phases into which the MAPP process is divided are as follows: Organizing for Success, Visioning , Assessments, Strategic Issues, Goals & Strategies, and the Action Cycle. The MAPP Poster provides a  visual description of the integration of all six processes.

Will County MAPP Collaborative

Agencies Participating in MAPP

Many companies and agencies make up the MAPP Collaborative. They may provide one or more of the essential core public health functions; including, but not limited to, community based organizations, social service agencies, hospitals, community health centers, local health department, schools, colleges and universities, law enforcement and businesses.  

WEWill WorkHealthy

WEWill WorkHealthy

The WEWILL WorkHealthy award program is an initiative of the MAPP Collaborative to promote a culture of wellness in the workplace. The award program recognizes Will County workplaces that are committed to improving employee health and well-being through six main areas of worksite wellness: health promotion/education, physical activity, mental health, environmental health, nutrition, and safety.

Programs & Services