Birth and Death Records Request

Birth and Death Records Request

Obtaining Certified Copies of Birth and Death Records

The Will County Health Department is the official site of the Local Registrar of Vital Records for all births and deaths that occur in Will County.  Certified copies of birth and death records may be needed for identification,insurance and financial issues, proof of residency or paternity, school registration and travel, among others.


 Vital Records Office: Will County Health Department

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Birth Records Request

Available information is subject to limitations imposed by the Vital Records Office of the State of Illinois

Birth records are filed by the hospitals generally within 7 to 10 days after the birth occurred.  For home births, please call so that we may forward the current forms that will be necessary to register the birth. We recommend you review the record for accuracy at the earliest opportunity.  After one year even “minor” corrections become more complicated.  For information about corrections.

Corrections to Birth and Death Records

Minor versus Major Corrections: Each Situation is Unique and Affected by Many Factors.

The State of Illinois gives the Local Registrars in each county the authority to make “minor” corrections to registered birth and death records within one year of the date the record was registered.  If the item that needs correcting falls into the “major” category, a second correction is needed, or more than one year has elapsed, forms and other documentation will need to be submitted directly to the State of Illinois along with a Notarized Affidavit, which are available at our office.