APORS (Adverse Pregnancy Reporting System)

APORS (Adverse Pregnancy Reporting System)

Follow-up Program for the High-Risk Mother and High-Risk Infant.

Home visits are provided to families of high-risk pregnant/postpartum women and high-risk infants in order to assess the woman, infant, and the family environment and to facilitate early intervention of identified problems.  High-risk infants are the primary portion of the APORS program. The purpose of the infant follow-up program is to minimize disability in high-risk infants by identifying, as early as possible, conditions requiring further evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment, and by ensuring an environment that will promote optimal growth and development.

Program Eligibility

High-risk pregnant/postpartum women and high risk infants are eligible for the APORS program. Clients are referred to the health department and will be offered follow-up services. The family may decline such services.  

 Program Services

Home visits to high-risk prenatal/postpartum women should be scheduled as often as the client’s condition warrants. The high-risk infant should receive a minimum of six visits that are offered on the following schedule: as soon as possible after newborn discharge, and at chronological ages 2, 4, 6, 12, 18, and 24 months and/or whenever their condition requires further health monitoring, teaching, counseling and/or referral for appropriate services.  Home visits are required, but occasionally, when an infant is receiving services at the health department, a follow-up visit may be conducted by the RN at that location. This service is provided free of charge. These services are not to replace doctor’s visits.

Contact Information

Sylvia Muniz  RN, BSN

Phone:  815-727-8505





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