The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

3rd Annual Anti-Stigma Symposium

Joliet Junior College hosts the 3rd Annual Anti-Stigma Symposium on Saturday, April 26, 2014 from 2:00 pm - 9:30 pm. The event takes place in the J Building Cafeteria.  Come out and hear great speakers in the field of Behavioral Health. A community resource and networking hour is from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm.
Overview of MAPP

Overview of MAPP

The Six Phase Process by Which the Goals of MAPP may be Attained

Launched in 2001 by the CDC & National Association of County & City Health Officials (NACCHO), MAPP provides a phased process for broad based community planning in public health policy.


Crisis Line Unveils Web Directory

Members of the Crisis Line of Will and Grundy County Board of Directors come out to share in the unveiling of the new Website for Crisis Line.  An online resource for information and referral is now available to the community at


New Website Finds You Help

New Website Finds You Help

Crisis Line and MAPP Team delivers

Have you asked yourself: “Where can I find help in this town?” If you have, then ask no more! Will County has a new website to help residents stay informed about services available to help those in need.

MAPP Action Teams

MAPP Action Teams

The four action teams have taken shape around: access to care, awareness of services, prevention and management of chronic care issues and systems collaborations and linkages.

WEWILL Work Healthy Wellness Award

WEWILL Work Healthy Wellness Award

WEWILL WorkHealthy Workplace Award – Opportunities for Businesses of all Sizes

The WEWILL WorkHealthy award program is an initiative of the MAPP Collaborative to promote a culture of wellness in the workplace. The award program recognizes Will County workplaces that are committed to improving employee health and well-being through six main areas of worksite wellness: health promotion/education, physical activity, mental health, environmental health, nutrition, and safety.  Click Here to Apply


Developing a Shared Vision and Common Values

A vision is a compelling and inspiring image of a desired and possible future that a community seeks to achieve.  Through the visioning process, the community develops a shared vision and common values. A vision provides a picture of the long-range results of the planning process and what will be accomplished when the strategies developed are implemented. It illustrates what community health will look like when a successful public health system is in place. 

Identification of Strategic Issues

Important Issues Facing the Community

Strategic issues are "those fundamental policy choices of critical challenges that must be addressed in order for a community to achieve its vision."  During this fourth phase of the MAPP process participants develop a list of the most important issues facing the community. Strategic issues reveal what is truly important from the vast amount of information that was gathered in the four MAPP Assessments. When addressing "strategic" issues, a community is being proactive in positioning itself for the future, rather than simply reacting to problems.


Foundations of the MAPP Process

Assessments form the foundation of the MAPP process. Collectively, the four MAPP assessments provide critical insights into the gaps between the current state of public health and a community’s vision as stated in the Visioning phase. The assessments identify the issues that must be addressed to achieve the vision and provide fundamental data from which strategies to improve the health of the community may be formulated.

The Community Themes Assessment

Involving the Community in the Process

The information gathered during this phase will feed into the Identify Strategic Issues Phase of the MAPP process along with the other three assessments. By including Community Themes and Strengths in the MAPP process, two benefits are gained. First, community members become more vested in the process when they have a sense of ownership and responsibility for the outcomes.
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